Why Balthorne?

We are an independent group of safety deposit centres with over 60 years of experience in the security and commercial world.


We are home to professionals with a deep knowledge and expertise in the security industry, using state of the art security systems. Our backgrounds stem from all aspects within the security world, from physical security, building security, counter-terrorism to software security and financial management.

Quality of Service

By choosing Balthorne Safe Deposit Centres you can relax in the knowledge that your valuables will be secured by experienced security professionals using only the latest in counter-theft technology.

Our customer mandate is to provide:

  • A secure environment for our customers’ belongings
  • A friendly and helpful customer experience
  • Open door policy to our customers
  • Discrete and confidential service


At Balthorne we are proud to include £3000 all-risks contents insurance to our clients with all our safety deposit box rentals. If you require more than £3000 worth of contents insurance then please speak to one of our customer service staff who will be able to provide full details of our highly competitive insurance rates.

In order to ensure your possessions are fully insured in our safe deposit boxes, please note the following: -

  • We strongly recommend that you take and keep photographs and up-to-date valuations of valuables stored in your safe deposit box as well as make copies of documents stored in the safe deposit box.
  • We are unable to suggest or recommend the amount of insurance cover which you may require.
  • We accept no responsibility or liability for the amount of insurance that you have applied for.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept a request for insurance cover without giving a reason.

For further information and full details of terms and conditions on our Safe Deposit Box Insurance please contact your local branch or email enquiries@balthornegroup.com

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